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Playing Tag

            “I’m telling you, it’s real!”

            Artemisa, the bespectacled younger sister of Donato; Ricky the too serious faced other younger sibling, were not enthralled with Nat’s storytelling at all.  In fact, they were so thrown off by the story that they thought that Donato had been binge reading in the teen area of the fantasy section over in the library.  It had gotten to the point where Ricky was imagining pirates would swing out of nowhere and attack Donato in the story.  Misa was about to ask if there was any chance a princess fell out of a tower and into his arms after fighting an army and fire breathing dragons.

            “…Yes,” Ricky egged Donato on with feigned interest. “, do go on…”

            “…He’s crazy…”

            Misa leaned into Ricky’s ear, quickly whispering judgment before sitting and smiling at their brother.

            “I’m telling you…I’ve been to this place thrice already and there are these kids with powers!”  Nat seemed to have been pleading with them, but that was all the more reason why his siblings suddenly had a feeling that he should be committed before he had a chance to take the police entry exam.  “And one of them can even change into animals!  There was this guy who was flying around; kicking off of trees like it was an old kung-fu movie!”

            “No wires?”

            Ricky’s eyes were half-lidded, almost completely bored with the conversation by now.

            “Yeah!  How’d you guess.”

            “Oh…” Ricky shrugged. “…Just a thought…”

            Ricky looked over to Artemisa for some support in this inane conversation, but she was at the phone, hurriedly dialing several numbers.  Ricky rushed over and took the phone from her and hung it up.  In return, Misa gave Ricky a glare.

            “I thought we agreed that he was crazy now!”

            “…I said no such thing!”

            Nat heard them, but didn’t pay too much mind about it.  On one end of the table, though, their youngest sibling was smiling and eating his cereal without any complaints.

            “I like your story, di ko Nat.”

            “…Well…thanks, Dom.  At least someone liked my story.”

            “If you can go, can I go too?”

            “Well…you see…um…I don’t…”

            Misa and Ricky looked over at Domino and Donato conversing about travelling to this world, but couldn’t exactly take it seriously.  But not wanting to wound Domino’s feelings this early in the morning, Misa and Ricky took the high road.  Ricky sighed while Misa laughed and sat back at the table to enjoy her breakfast with the other two brothers.  She slammed a palm down to the table top and caused Domino to shake with a startle.  Nat only looked on as Misa gave a toothy grin towards them.

            “…Well, we all know what I can do…powers?”  Misa held up a finger and a small flame appeared at the tip like it was a lighter.  “…probably not even half of mine.”

            “Well…” Ricky shrugged.  “…Dad did say you’re a mutant.”

            “…Yeah, I’m a mutant that can set your hair on fire…”  Misa shrugged.  “…How’s that pair of pants from the last time you called me names?”

            “Charred and in the trash.”


            As Misa and Ricky were bantering back and forth, Domino tugged on Nat’s sleeve.  Nat was a bit exasperated with the early morning fights, but at least nothing was set on fire.  Domino took himself off of his chair so that he could lean in to talk to Nat.  Nat, smiling down on his small brother, leaned over so that he wouldn’t have to travel as far.

            “I believe you, Nat…you never lied to me.”

            “Aw, well thanks little guy…”

            Nat gave a little hug to their youngest sibling before both of them resumed eating their breakfast.  In the meantime, their mother Ann only looked over the bickering siblings and the other two with a smile.  Without any more than a couple glances stolen from Nat and Domino, Ann really didn’t say or do anything.  The words that came out of her mouth though, were what Nat didn’t expect.

            “I liked the story!” Nat’s eyes were fixed on his mother.  The other two were now arguing about how many pieces of bacon that each of them should have since Misa (apparently) took the last pancake.  Domino just smiled at his mother’s declaration. “And if it’s true, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”

            That made Nat smile wide.

            “Yeah…thanks mom.”

            Once the siblings all settled (Ricky managed to get the last piece of bacon), they began to finish their breakfast.  Ann looked up at the clock before suddenly clapping her hands to get everyone’s attention.  Everyone except for Misa looked over at Ann when she had demanded their attention.  Misa snuck her hand onto Ricky’s plate and quickly devoured the last piece of bacon once she had snatched it.  Ricky silently cursed.

            “Alright, everyone...almost time for school!”

            It was the beginning of summer, and Nat was the only one who didn’t have to still go into school for the last few weeks.  He was grateful, he hated when it was smoldering hot and he had to trek the way from the senior’s parking lot to the school.  Misa, Ricky and Domino each got their things ready and began to exit the house one by one.  Ann watched as her children got to the bus stop and began waiting for their respective buses to stop by and carry them to school.  It was only a few moments, though; before Ann glanced up to the clock and then worriedly shot a look towards Nat.

            “Nat…your test for the academy starts in ten minutes…how are you going to make it in time?”

            Nat spat cereal all over the dinner table.  He got a pencil, threw on a better shirt than just the plain white tee shirt that he was currently using and then immediately dashed out to the car.  He looked at his rear view mirror and noticed it was shifted downwards (probably Misa using the car to practice) and saw his shirt.  He groaned when he saw the words Rainbows and Unicorns emblazoned on the front of what he was wearing.  Nat was eternally grateful when Ann came out shouting and throwing a polo-shirt out towards the car.  Nat rolled down the window, caught it and began the terrible (and irresponsible) task of changing into a new shirt while driving.  Ann saw him hit their mailbox…she’d get her husband to put it back up when he had the chance.


            “Where’s this ‘special’ guy you’ve been talking about, Lynn?”

            A young, blonde boy with small tips of red lining his bangs was looking over Lynn’s shoulder at a spot that seemed to have been especially marked with a purple X.  The lad didn’t know why it was marked with an X, only that Lynn used her favorite color and that this seemed like a stupid thing to do.  After a few more minutes of waiting and just peering over a crouching Lynn’s shoulder, he couldn’t handle it anymore.  He threw his hands up and started walking along the lakeside.

            “This is boring!  I’m gonna go to Rastus.”

            Lynn motioned towards the boy.  He seemed to have been stopped in his tracks suddenly before he was abruptly thrown backwards and next to where Lynn was still sitting.

            “No!  He’s going to be here!”

            “Lynn, we’ve been waiting for half the day!”

            “He hasn’t been her for a couple days…” Lynn pouted.  “He has to be coming, Tyson!”

            Tyson looked on, silver eyes taking in the sight of the lake and the cottage somewhat hidden by the forest nearby.  But instead of just walking there like he had originally wanted, Tyson only folded his arms and sighed.

            “Fine…I’ll stay here a little longer.”

            Lynn smiled at Tyson’s stubbornness.

            “Thank you!”

            She said in a sing song voice.  The playfulness had no effect on Tyson.  He just didn’t want Lynn to feel bad that he didn’t believe that there was some plain guy just falling out of the sky and landing on this purple X.  Lynn, though, seemed incredibly adamant that there would be a man just suddenly popping out of the sky and proving that she wasn’t just imagining things.  Tyson would give her about one more hour before he went off to see Rastus.  After all, he didn’t want his mother to think that he was going to be spending the night out by the lake and woods.

            Lynn didn’t want to move from this spot.  Her mother had already come out and given them food twice at this point and he was sure that his mother would try and see if they were going to camp out near the lake.  Come to think of it, that didn’t seem like a bad idea, but he hated it when Lynn would complain about the bugs and having no fire.  ‘It’s itchy!’ she’d say.

            “I’m a little hungry, Lynn…” Tyson stood up and began to head back towards the village. “…I’ll bring back some snacks.”

            “Good!” Lynn responded appreciatively. “Make sure to bring back enough for three.”

            He grumbled.

            “How does she even know if he’s gonna be here?!”

            Tyson took all but two steps before hearing Lynn yell behind him.

            “HE’LL BE HERE!”


            The day was nearly gone back in California.  The sun was setting and the famous orange over the Pacific was setting the mood for catching some nice sleep.  The children were back from school and now Artemisa and Ricky were arguing about just how crazy their older brother was.  Domino, in the meanwhile, was his only defender.  While Domino pleaded his case for Donato, he was confused by big words from Ricky and some rather…upside-down logic from Misa.

            “He’s telling the truth!  Even mommy said di ko doesn’t really lie!”

            “Irrelevant.  Despite there being a discrepancy in truths, there is still an echelon of acceptability in terms of accounts.  Neither physical nor verbal truths have been presented other than the hearsay that was given.”

            Misa looked long and hard at Ricky.

            “I know you’re on my side…but I have no idea what you just said.”

            Ricky sighed, Domino blinked and Misa looked at both of them as if they were the worst set of brothers in the world.  But just as they were about to get into another spat, Ann suddenly had flown down the steps and right out the door.  Nat’s car pulled up and the younger siblings all went out after their mother.  Nat exited his car: an old, blue family sedan, and then leaned against it.  He was exhausted from the heavy day of physical and mental tests and they were already putting a strain on the way he wanted to run through his day.  Nat put his head back and sighed.

            “Well,” Nat’s mother suddenly appeared at the edge of his vision and walked up to him while he leaned up against his car.  “How did it go?”

            “Yeah, mom…” He looked up dreamily at the sky.  The stars were starting to show as the sunset became rapid.  “…I passed both entries…I’m gonna put in my couple months soon to become an officer.”

            “Good!” Ann planted a big kiss on her son’s cheek and she hugged him tight.  Nat showed no resistance and merely let his mother do as she willed.  “I knew it…now get inside and get some rest.”

            “What?!” Misa exclaimed in complete surprise. “They let him pass the psyche test?!”

            Ricky immediately punched Misa on the shoulder before he went up and patted an exhausted Nat on the back.  He offered a smile and some congratulations to which Nat only responded with some nods.  Domino ran up to Donato.  He carefully picked him up and hugged him quickly before setting him back down on his feet.  Nat wanted to get inside and sleep.  He brushed by Misa, slightly elbowing her in response to the insults he accrued from her throughout the day and walked right through the front door.

            Misa looked at him, a tad bit concerned, which was compounded when Ricky came up to her…

            “You deserved that.”

            He had said that with all sincerity, but Misa was looking at Nat still.  He was beyond just the regular tired.  It was almost as if he had not slept properly for days.  Misa brushed off comments from Ricky and a scolding Ann by going inside, right after Nat.  She saw his back disappear into the dark upstairs hallway, so Misa was sure that he was just going to land right into his bed once he got close enough to just jump.

            She walked right into his room and caught up just in time to see him throw off his shirt and collapse into his bed, wrapping his blanket and sheets around him.  Nat had his eyes closed already and he was just about to sleep when he heard his sister’s voice suddenly whiz across the room at a volume a bit louder than a normal whisper.

            “…Geez…how many girls do you see at night?”

            Nat opened an eye at her.

            “Or maybe it’s one of Ulric’s boy-toys he left you.”

            He sighed at the follow up and covered his face with his pillow instead. Misa screwed on a smile and tried to be understanding.

            “Hey…you’re much too tired for this to just be a bunch of tests.  Come on, what’s going on?”

            Donato finally peeked out from behind the pillow.

            “The only girl I’ve seen is you and you’re much too scary with that fire breath of yours.”

            Misa responded with a wallop right square in the middle of the pillow.  Nat began batting Misa with the pillow after she managed to knock him back on the bed.  Misa, shielding herself with her arm began trying to reach for Nat beneath the flurry of pillow attacks.

            “C’mon!  I’m the cute little sister!”  She pleaded with Nat.  “You can’t trust me with this?!”

            Nat finally stopped the barrage of offensive pillow maneuvers.

            “…You stopped being the little sister…” His eyes were in an unenthused stare while his finger pointed downwards, towards her chest. “…when you got those.”

            “Hey!” Misa had rather sizable bosoms.  But she smiled, folded her arms under her chest and squeezed them up.  “What, are you jealous of them or something?”

            “Are you jealous that I have balls?”

            “No…” Misa let go of herself and kind of just stood at the door, leaning on the frame.  “…I’ve seen how much having those hurts you.”

            “Then we have nothing to talk about…” Nat curled up in his bed again.  “…unless you hold on to the idea that I constantly think about your breasts.  In which case, seek help.  It’s not normal for you to think of your brother in that way.”

            Misa glared and folded her arms under her chest again, this time in a protective manner rather than to show them off.   She leered at Nat, smiling in an almost Cheshire way.

            “Alright…I accept that as payback for the insults from earlier.”

            She went over to the foot of the bed and flipped the bottom of his blanket up.  As payback for that, he’d have his feet tickled…


            “You’re not Nat.”  Lynn was staring right into Misa’s eyes.  Misa was carefully clutching Lynn’s face…but as far she remembered, she was holding on to Nat’s feet.  “Why are you holding my face?  And…um…hi?”

            “You’re not Nat either…”

            Misa stood straight up and noticed that she wasn’t in their house anymore.  She saw forests, sprawling greenery and a lake right nearby.  This now turned into the weirdest night that she had ever seen…well, there was the night when she ‘finally achieved womanhood’, but this came as a close second.  Lynn stayed kneeling, looking up at the heavy chested Misa.

            “Wow…you’re almost as big as my mom.”

            “…Yeah, I am kinda proud of my…” Something broke in Misa’s mind. “Wait, what does a little girl like you know about these?”

            “Well, my mom has really big ones…” Lynn smiled merrily. “They’re really useful when she wants to feed all the kids.”

            “Kids…” Misa scratched nervously at her chin. “I…see…”

            Tyson was hurrying back with the snacks since he heard something going on back at the lake.  All he saw was a woman in the place where Lynn said this ‘special’ person would be.  Could it be that she was talking about a female this whole time?  Was Lynn blind?  Tyson wanted to find out.  He dropped the snacks at the edge of the clearing and then ran as fast as he could to the lakeside with full intent of-


            Tyson didn’t pay attention.  Lynn was still on her knees and he just so happened to have been concentrating on that woman that came.  He tripped over Lynn and when he tried to steady himself, he caught a handful of Misa’s significant left breast.  Tyson stopped and for that, he was grateful.  He let go of Misa’s chest and corrected himself, trying to step over Lynn carefully.  But Lynn moved so that she could stand up and Tyson just ended up moving forward much more quickly than he anticipated.  Tyson now buried himself into Misa’s chest with Lynn kind of just looking on in quiet surprise.  His face was squashed between two heaving giants.  Misa brought her hands up in a very careful manner and quickly (but precisely) took Tyson by his shoulders and pulled him off of her.  He found himself being placed right in front Misa at about arm’s length and then all of a sudden, he’d find himself upside down.

            And wet…very wet.

            Misa had thrown the young boy into the lake.

            Lynn gasped then looked Misa…then to the lake…then to Misa…then to the lake…once more to Misa…before running towards the lake.


            It was a good thing he knew how to swim.  Tyson floated himself up and shouted over towards Misa.


            Tyson pointed at Lynn as he steadied himself to float in the water.  Lynn, bemused, used her powers to pull Tyson ashore and then quickly pushed him back in as retribution for his comment.  Tyson swam back to the surface after a few moments, yelling and cursing at the two girls.  Misa got a laugh out of that before looking towards Lynn.

            So di-ko was telling the truth, huh?

            That girl had the powers that he was describing in the stories.  Nat wasn’t exaggerating or lying at all.  This was the girl that he had met and she was demonstrating her power right there.  And suddenly, Misa wasn’t feeling too alone anymore.  There wasn’t a single person back on earth that had publicly come forward about having powers, but this girl…with whatever she had, just shown it without any regard to who had just watched.  Lynn turned right around, putting her back to the lake and she carefully walked up to Misa.  She folded her hands behind her back and looked straight up at Misa once more, politely asking:

            “So…how do you know Nat?”

            “…I…he’s…” Misa was confused.  “…He’s my older brother?”

            Lynn’s eyes went wide.  She didn’t know that Nat had a sister.  She knew about siblings, but this was something different…and exciting.

            “I didn’t know that Nat had a younger sister!” She was giddy.  Misa was suddenly nervous. “Tyson has a younger sister, but I’m an only child…I’m jealous!  I wish I had siblings. Nat mentioned that he had siblings but I didn’t know that if they were all boys, all girls or…”

            While Lynn was speaking at a million words per second, Tyson managed to drag himself out of the water, stomp all the way to where the girls were talking and clamp a hand over Lynn’s mouth to prevent her from continuously speaking about the same subject.  Lynn, meanwhile, kept speaking even with the hand over her mouth, even counting off things off of her fingers while attempting to finish her conversation…Tyson lifted the hand off for a second…

            “…Mffhmm…and I didn’t know if Nat still got along with any of them since I didn’t know if you were all living together and-“

            Tyson placed a hand over her mouth once more and hissed at Lynn.

            “You’re rambling, Lynn.”

            Lynn finally stopped and looked over at Tyson.  She gave a smile…or at least, what Tyson suspected was a smile, brought up a hand and waved him off.  Tyson back off, unclasping his hand from Lynn’s mouth, kind of bemused at what had just happened.

            “You alright now, Lynn?”

            “Perfectly fine!” Lynn chirped.  “You need to dry yourself off.”

            “Right…” Tyson started to wring the bottom his shirt. “Why’d you wave at me anyway?”

            “Oh,” Lynn turned back to Misa. “So I can continue talking.”

            Misa’s eyebrows furrowed in a bit of frustration.  She looked over Lynn as she began talking again, but all she heard was ‘blah, blah, blah’ with random fits of smiling, confusion, recovery, the more smiling.  The girl was genuinely interested in her…and apparently her chest was admirable.  Misa, still ever confused, folded her arms over her chest and looked down to the girl.  Maybe if she engaged in some side conversations, she’d leave her alone.

            “…Um…” Misa began and Lynn quieted for a second.  “So you’re the girl that Nat was talking about…”

            “Nat’s been talking about me, really?!” Lynn looked like she was about to jump up and down at the mention. “That makes me so happy, what has he been saying about me?!”

            “Well…in truth…” Misa tried to be very careful with her words. “I didn’t believe you were real until now…”

            Lynn tilted her head in curiosity.  But she quickly recovered (again) and beamed up a bright smile at Misa.

            “Well, I am real!  So do you want to play with us?”

            Misa sighed and then looked over at Tyson who was still rolling the water out of his clothes.  With one more deject sigh, she balled up her hand into a fist and gathered what seemed to have been light energy and it shown through the cracks between the fingers.  When she had opened it up, a small flame was revealed.  She turned towards Tyson and immediately threw the small fireball into the air at him.  The flame dispersed and Tyson felt a little warmer than usual…but most of the moisture in his clothes were now gone.  His bangs, though, were a tiny bit singed.

            “Hey, my hair!  That was cool…but my hair!”

            “Don’t worry about…you need to trim off the dead ends anyway.”

            Tyson grumbled before looking over to Lynn.

            “So you found your guy’s sister…what about the guy?”

            Lynn looked at Tyson for a good three seconds before it registered.  She was so excited about meeting someone new that she had completely forgotten about Nat.

            “Oh!” Lynn panicked. “We should find Nat!”

            “Eh…” Misa shrugged her shoulders, almost uninterested in what was going on.  “He’s probably around her somewhere…”

            “Oh…” Lynn looked a bit worried for a couple more seconds before she brushed off those feelings.  Misa felt like she was worried as well, for some reason…even though her brain was telling her that she didn’t want to look for Nat that odd worry suddenly washed over her.  But as soon as Lynn had changed her mind and smiled again, all the worry went away. Lynn asked Misa once more: “…so you’ll play with us then?”


            Misa grinned.

            “Yeah…why not?”  Misa lit up a small flame on her finger.  “Why not some tag?”

            Tyson grimaced at the idea.

            “You’re not gonna tag us with that fire are you?”

            “Don’t worry…” Misa closed her hand up into a balled fist again and then spread out the fingers.  There were little balls of fire on each fingertip now.  “These won’t be so hot.  But you two better run.”

            Tyson looked over at Lynn to see if she would protest, but she was already about thirty yards away and still running.  Tyson yelled over at Lynn, angry she got a head start.

            “CHEATER! BWUGH!”

            Tyson was hit by at least fifteen little fireballs on his chest.  They left a little bit of a char mark, but Tyson didn’t feel any type of burning or prolonged heat.  He was, though, immediately knocked off of his feet and flattened to the ground.

            “BWAHAHAHA!”  Misa stepped over Tyson (who had gotten an eyeful of striped underwear) and looked towards Lynn’s retreating form.  “Only one more…easy enough!”

            Tyson turned over.

            “RUN LYNN, RUUUUNNNN!!!”


            “So…you can watch Sierra for me for a little while?”

            “Oh, of course…”

            Two women who had the looks of being in their twenties were talking with each other in front of one of their houses.  The house was relatively large…although not large in a sense of being rich, but rather that it was spacious for a purpose.  There was a sign in front of the house that read: Attwater Internal Medicine with several smaller notes that detailed several services.  There was ‘wet-nurse service, apothecary and other medical examinations to determine any ails and mishaps with the normal body’.  The one woman, one with short, raven black hair, took a toddler from the other woman.  She had on a leather band around her neck with a red cross symbol emblazoned in the middle.  Her wear was a little…curious.  While the rest of the women in the area had on dresses or some sort of pants with blouse-type shirts, she had on a vest that wasn’t clasped properly over her chest.  In fact, it kind of only hanged over her rather heaving breasts and she didn’t even seem to mind much about the gentle breeze that pushed it around every once in a while.

            “Oh, Mara…”  The other woman offered a nervous smile.  “It’s going to get too cold for that soon…”

            Mara responded by pulling one side of the vest aside, pulling the toddler towards her exposed breast and then letting her clasp on with her mouth to drink.  Mara let out a sigh of relief as the child began to feed.  Her chest was beginning to feel swollen and no one came to her to take care of their child for a week.

            “Well, Lydia…” Mara replied. “When it gets too cold, I’ll cover up.”

            The young girl happily drank from Mara while Lydia just kind of nervously laughed.

            “I’m surprised that you don’t get sick with all of the things you do, Mara…”

            “Well,” Mara offered, “I’m a doctor and a mother…I have two reasons not to get sick anyway.”

            With that, Mara retreated into the household.  There were two younger women in the house, waiting at the doorstep from Mara.  Mara handed Sierra off to one of them…both had on the leather bands with a red cross emblem on the middle of their respective accessories.  Mara smiled at the toddler before she was carried off to a separate play room.  With the child gone, she moved the piece of the vest over the cover her chest and began working on some papers that were on the nearby table.

            Meanwhile, Lydia – a woman who seemed to have been somewhat of an odd duck in terms of the people around her, was walking back towards her home.  Her hair was tied up and she had on a dress made of something else that didn’t seem to be cotton or silks…it was more like a hide that had been painted and dressed, almost tribal in the way that it came off.  Unlike the other woman, she didn’t have a big, heaving chest.  Although still ‘large’ by any standard, she was definitely a lot more modest about it, having covering it in full.

            “I still don’t understand being able to just feed your children while walking…seems…cold.”

            Lydia walked all but thirty seconds before noticing that there was someone sleeping in front of her household.  She walked up quickly, trying to cover ground and figure out what was going on.  The figure was a young man…a rather handsome young man.  But nevertheless he was strewn out in front of her house as if he was drunk…or dead.  Lydia hoped he wasn’t dead.

            “Tyson!” Lydia called into the house. “People were fighting in front of the house again and there’s another dead body!  Help your mother out!”

            When there was only a reverberating silence, Lydia sighed.  She’d have to move the body herself.

            “Well…sorry, sir…but I have to move you into the dirt.”  Lydia apologized to the body and began her attempt to roll the body away from her house and into the middle of the street for pick up.  “I’m sure that the temples will use your body for research and then give you a proper burial.”


            Then the body moved and mumbled.  Lydia let out a small shriek and jumped back.  She looked around, wondering if any of the passerby (there were none) would come over and help the poor woman.  No such luck.

            “M-mara?!” She called out weakly down the street.  “Help!  He’s ALIVE!”

            No response.

            But then her face was taken by gentle, soft hands.  She looked at the young man’s face…he was still dreaming.  He mumbled words about something…but they were kind and very loving.  The voice seemed choked with emotion, but it was sincere as anything Lydia had ever heard.

            “But…I love you Ana…don’t go to her…don’t…don’t pretend with him…”


            Lydia tried to gently remove his hands to no avail.  He wasn’t gripping her enough to hurt her, but wouldn’t let go either.  She looked down the street again, hoping Mara had somehow decided to come outside and check on her.  There was no one there, not even a passerby.  This was the second time in a matter of a minute that she had hoped a bystander would at least show his face to help her.

            “Um…” Lydia tried to gently shake at the young man’s shoulder.  “…mister?”

            “…You’re…” The man’s eyes were half-lidded…not quite awake and not quite past the fog of dream.  “…much prettier than Ana…”

            He tried to pull Lydia down for a kiss, but she managed to pull away in time.  She panicked again, a short shriek as she tried to calm herself down from what had just happened.  The man seemed to have collapsed back into sleep once more and Lydia looked on as he went and laid his head down peacefully back into his dreams.


            Lydia looked over from the strange man and saw Mara peering over her shoulder.

            “Mara!  Where were you when I needed you?!”

            “…Now he’s a handsome one.”

            “That’s not the point!” Lydia fumed at Mara ogling a (admittedly) handsome man that just so happened to have decided to take a nap in front of her house.  “He’s sleeping in front of my house! We can’t just leave him here.  Help me move him, at least into the house so people don’t try to rob him!”

            “So…to the bedroom?”


            “Well…” Mara shrugged at Lydia’s admonishment. “…where else would you put him?”

            “I…” Lydia thought for a moment before letting out a defeated sigh. “…fine.”

            Mara cheerfully went over to the young man and started to wrap his arm around her shoulder and support him at his side so that she could assist in carrying from one side.  Lydia, completely unamused that Mara was so chipper in trying to pick him up, went over to the opposite side and began to mirror Mara.  The two women began to pick him up with little problems.  They let him lay on the bed in Lydia’s room, the only bed really large enough for a grown man to really lie in, and Mara let out a breath.  She wiped off a bit of sweat off of her brow and looked over to Lydia, who was a bit more worried looking about the man than Mara thought she would be.

            “Geez…even a normal person or a drunk would notice we were moving him this much.”

            Lydia was surprised at Mara’s observance.  She had shot off her mouth like she usually did, but it didn’t seem like that she had put any consideration for the man’s face.

            “…Mara…did you see around his eyes?” Lydia’s brows furrowed again.  “…He has some darkness around the skin.  He’s really tired.”

            Mara gave a dirty look to Lydia.

            “Oh, excuse me!” Mara said defensively. “He’s not a patient so I didn’t really have time to examine his face while I was carrying him!”

            Lydia and Mara were silent for a minute before Mara had suddenly moved to the bedside and began looking over the man.  Lydia was a bit uncomfortable with the way Mara was looking at him up and down so she went over to the side and began looking out the window.  Mara in the meanwhile looked at the young man with the full intent of trying to figure him out while they had him here.

            He looked relatively normal…she ran the tips of her fingers along the top of his chest and eventually along his abdomen.  It seemed, at least from her initial inspection, that he took care of his body enough to actually have a physique to care about.  He wasn’t as muscular as the warriors but he certainly wasn’t the son of a tailor either.  And his face...his face was quite cute.  The features were fair, probably due to his relative youth.  But with this body and the hands…he must’ve been around her age.  Mara looked over at Lydia who was busying herself by looking at something outside of the window.  This man must’ve been younger than Lydia, but just about Mara’s age (at least that was what Mara had surmised from just the small physical).  But speaking of the hands…Mara lifted up his left hand and she saw bracelet on his wrist.

            “Oh…a bit old for her, though.”

            So this was the man that she was talking about…

            Mara smiled.

            If that girl picks guys like this, I don’t see her having a problem hooking a looker in the future…

            “I wonder…”

            Mara unbuttoned the top of the man’s pants.  Lydia just so happened to have looked over and had noticed that Mara was beginning to tug on the man’s pants.

            “MARA, THAT’S TOO MUCH!”

            “Is it really, now?” Mara gave a sly, devilish grin to Lydia.  “…I am a doctor…I’m just going to make sure all of him is alright.”

            “Y-y-you…” Lydia gritted her teeth for a second.  “You can do that on your own time in your own house, thank you very much!”

            “Pfft…” Mara waved off Lydia and stood up from the bedside. “You ruin all my fun…I was just as curious as you were.”

            “I was NOT curious!” Lydia was red and furious at Mara.  “A-anyway, shouldn’t we be more worried that there are some little fires down the road?”

            “Really?  I think that a lonely widow starved for another mate is pretty important too.”

            Mara walked over to the window next to a fuming Lydia.

            “If you really think about it, our children are out there somewhere!”  Lydia tried to make a point out of the absence of some important people.  “I think that finding your daughter is more important than your stupid examinations!”

            “…Well, alright…I’ll go see if I can find our children.  Stay here and keep him company.”  Mara walked calmly out of the door.  “I already took his pants off…maybe make some memories, Lydia?”

            “Mara!  That’s not-!” Lydia pointed a finger at her ‘friend’.  “My son’s out there too!  Hurry up and find them!”

            “Got it…”  Mara walked out of the house and started down the road.  “…They probably just started playing with some know-nothing that can’t control their powers anyway.”

            Lydia huffed at Mara’s back as her image started to get smaller as she walked down the road.  But then she stiffened up and her eyes went wide.  She felt a grip on her wrist.  When she looked down she saw chocolate brown eyes staring right back at her.

            “Uhm…uh…”  Lydia gave a nervous laugh.  “…Uhm…sorry…hahaha…but…you were asleep in front of my house…and…oh jeez…and…I…uh…my neighbor is a doctor…and I wanted to make sure you were alright…and…”

            The young man stood up and kissed her on the cheek.  He didn’t do anything to Lydia other than that, though.  He sought out his pants, quickly put it back on and then went to sit on the bed again.

            “I heard you were keeping me company…thank you…”

            “I uh…” Lydia was slightly red but the important matter was that her son still wasn’t here. “…there’s a fire out there and…um…I have to find my son…and…oh Gods, my son!”

            “I’ll find your son for you.” The young man stood up and began to walk out of the house. “Just a small favor I hope you’ll return.”

            “Uh…” Lydia blinked. “But you don’t even know what my son looks like!”

            “…Sure I do…” The man turned around right before he hit the door. “You look so different than the rest of the people from here.  More exotic…pretty from the sun, you know?”

            Lydia completely blushed at the comment.

            “His name’s Tyson…”

            “Alright…I’ll go find your son now.”  The man turned around and began down the same road as Mara. “My name is Nat, by the way…”

Tyson by maakurinohime


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